Author and Editor


Samuel M. Katz

has written numerous books on Middle Eastern military history and international terrorism and counter-terrorism. His books include:


  • The Elite” (Pocket 1992)
  • Soldier Spies: Israeli Military Intelligence” (Presidio Press, 1992)
  • Israel Vs. Jibril: The Thirty Year War Against A Master Terrorist” (Paragon, 1993)
  •  “NYPD: On The Streets With The Emergency Service Unit” (Motorbooks, 1995)
  • Fire and Steel: The Saga of Israel’s 7th Armored Brigade” (Pocket 1996)
  • The Night Raiders: Israel’s Naval Commandos At War” (Pocket 1997)
  • Anytime, Anywhere: On Patrol With the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit” (Pocket 1997)
  • The Hunt for the Engineer: How Israeli Agents Tracked The Hamas Master Bomber” (From 2000)
  • Relentless Pursuit—DSS and the Hunt for the bin Laden Terrorists” (Forge 2002) and,
  • Jihad in Brooklyn: The NYPD Raid That Stopped America’s First Suicide Bombers” (NAL, 2005)


Katz has written over 100 articles for magazines as respected as Jane’s Intelligence Review and as diverse as editions of FHM and Playboy; his articles, appearing in mass market, defense, and intelligence publications around the world have been translated into over 20 languages.

From 2004 to 2009, Katz created and served as editor-in-chief of “Special Operations Report,” a quarterly-magazine he created dedicated to military and law enforcement special operations and counter-terrorism. Read by over 25,000 decision makers in defense ministries, military and police commands, and by special operations and intelligence service unit commanders around the world, Katz brought his global contacts in the counter-terrorist and special operations community to the pages of one of the subject’s most unique and respected publications—in his duties as editor-in-chief, Katz has ventured into the Gaza night with Israeli undercover counter-terrorist commandos and he has interviewed heads of state, generals, police commissioners and combatants returning from battle.

Most recently, he has contributed pieces to various Middle Eastern security publications, as well as the Huffington Post.

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